All good things come to an end, and unfortunately one of those things was Erskine Design.

For almost a decade Erskine helped lead the digital industry in the right direction. Building websites properly and responsibly, writing for publications, speaking at huge events and building useful apps like Gridpak.

In July this year the owners decided that while Erskine still had a great team, it was time to move on and do something new.

As part of moving on, Tom, Christina and I have fulfilled our shared ambition of setting up our own agency. It’s something we’d all individually thought about but had never had the opportunity, or the balls, to go for it.

Kind was born, but wasn’t christened for a good few weeks as we searched for a name that was just right. Now, despite our initial sadness about Erskine, we’re really excited by the opportunity to build something special of our own.

At Kind we will focus on solving problems creatively through digital, rather than simply ‘building websites’, while maintaining the high standards that Erskine was famous for. After all a website is the tool, not the end-goal.

And to make sure nobody’s left behind, we’re working with former Operations Director, Garrett Winder to service Erskine’s existing clients. Garrett left Erskine in March to set up Good Work, a digital agency based in Dallas, and took the opportunity in July to take over the Erskine brand.

Three months in, we’ve overcome quite a lot and things are going well. Turning around all the business set up tasks, like setting up bank accounts and registering for VAT, within 3 weeks so we didn’t miss a ‘pay day’ was no mean feat.

We’re talking to lots of people about lots of projects and, as a bonus of working for ourselves, we’re finally getting around to working on some of our personal projects! You can take a look at some of the stuff we’re working on here.

So what does the future hold for Kind? In the short term we’ll be working on our existing client projects while also building a couple of useful products, blogging occasionally and networking like crazy.

Further ahead we’re looking for clients who value a long-term relationship with an agency that can help improve everything they do online. That’s us. We like to take new ideas or things that are broken or frustrating and turn them into rock solid experiences that make peoples lives that little bit easier.

Who knows what the future will hold. One thing we know for sure is, there’s no 9-5 for us anymore.