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Mat Hayward

Operations director at Kind / Front-end lover / Uncle / Handsome bastard.

. Nottingham United Kingdom Operations Director at Kind

Recent posts and selected tweets.

Google and agency scaremongering

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of articles and tweets from digital agencies proclaiming “Mobilegeddon” is coming on 21st April (argh, that’s tomorrow!). Is it time to panic?

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The ultimate front-end handover

When working in teams, especially those that are based in different locations (or even different businesses) it’s important for the sharing or handover of production code to be as in-depth as possible.

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How to write a digital brief

When organising a digital project, it’s often difficult to communicate what it is you’re looking for to a prospective agency, especially if you haven’t run a digital project before, or if you have and it didn’t go to plan.

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Justifying the cost of quality

Being seated next to new people at weddings, birthdays etc. the go-to conversation starters pop up early on: ‘So, how do you know x?’, ‘What do you do for a living?’

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Jekyll search with JSON

Without a database there’s nothing to query when wanting a search function, so I went about building a work around.

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What's in a name?

This is a real discussion within the Erskine front-end team about CSS naming conventions for a button.

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Getting started

Being approached by a couple of enthusiastic students and asked “how do we get a job in the industry?” was a surprisingly awkward experience.

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Is this progress?

This week one of my colleagues was amazed to hear that Twitter is written using pure CSS and not a preprocessor.

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Mark as spam

The definition of spam is an unsolicited electronic message. (That and canned meat of dubious origins).

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Behind the scenes

A while back I started working on a pretty nice, but simple, interactive HTML5 video.

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Teach me web design

As a web developer of some 10 years, there are two things I’m regularly asked by friends and acquaintances: “Can you build me a website?” and “Can you teach me web design?”

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A rant about SEO

SEO shouldn’t exist. In a perfect world, there would be no place for Brian the Search Engine Optimisation Consultant or any of his cronies.

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The responsive web

Last month Craig and I gave a talk at Second Wednesday, a monthly Nottingham-based event for creative and digital people, entitled The Responsive Web.

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Responsive email newsletters

I recently wrote a feature about responsive email design for Creative Bloq, an online magazine covering 3D, graphic design, illustration, web design.

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What's behind the mask?

Rob Antill recently launched his website showcasing his talent for Stereographic photography. By the end of the first day it had received over 6,000 hits and the logo masking was the hottest web design topic on Reddit.

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