Mat Hayward

A beautiful day in Torridon

17 April 2024  •  Scotland  •  12km  •  980m ascent


It’s felt like it’s been raining for so long that having a day of sunshine in Torridon was a massive surprise.

We’d parked the campervan in Torridon campsite the night before and had the place to ourselves. It was cold and a bit windy, but great seeing the last light touching the snow at the top of Liathach.

When we woke up and got sorted we had no plan for the day, so looking out of the van window decided to climb ‘that one’. That one turned out to be Beinn Dàmh, which by Torridon standards, is an easy mountain climb… lucky us!

Almost as soon as we arrived at the start point (which is the car park to the Beinn Bar at the Torridon Hotel) the sun came out and I started a Scottish mountain climb without a jacket on!

My legs were still tired from climbing most of Quinag a couple of days before, so the walk up to the ridge felt like a trudge. But the weather was perfect and the views of Beinn Alligin and Liathach were incredible.

Once we got to the ridge we had the choice between climbing Beinn Dàmh or the smaller peak of Sgùrr na Bana Mhoraire. We opted for the big one and started the next part of the ascent which became rockier and rockier the further we went.

The final part of the climb was essentially a boulder field with a relatively steep drop on one side. It looked much worse from a distance than in reality though, so reaching the top didn’t take long and we were rewarded with 360 views of Torridon, the Coulin Forest and Loch Dàmh.

We decided on the descent not to bag the other peak, so we had a reason to come back, but more so we could reach a cold pint quicker.

Rudi climbing up Beinn Damh through the Coille an t-Seana-Mhorair forest
Kerry walking along the ridge of Beinn Dàmh with Liathach in the background
Beinn Dàmh