Mat Hayward

Loch Long and Arrochar

09 April 2022  •  Scotland  •  11km  •  920m ascent


Back in January, I invited my closest friends to drive up to Scotland for a wild camp and mountain climb. I spent the last two weeks regularly checking the weather forecast for Loch Long and the hills around Arrochar, but I hadn’t seen a -15°C wind chill coming.

That put a stop to our plan to camp part way up Beinn Íme and bag 2 or 3 peaks the next day. Instead we found a great spot on the Loch and enjoyed an eventful wild camp with a fire and some decent whisky.

Those of us who were able to, nipped up the Cobbler the next day before a huge dinner in the local pub.

A great weekend and still managed to bag a peak.

A blurry picture of our wild camp in the woods near Loch Long
Chris on the Cobbler
The Cobbler
Zan taking a lunch break on The Cobbler
Zan on The Cobbler
Zan and Chris on The Cobbler
Zan on The Cobbler