I’ve taken a few photos. Here are some of my favourites.

Jack Peñate

Having a friend who works in events for Nottingham Trent University is sometimes useful. When I fancied doing some gig photography his arm was easily twisted. This shot was a happy accident, a test shot when the settings weren’t quite right, meant that the movement is captured with the outlines of 4 or 5 faces.

A wedding with a view

I was lucky enough to be asked by Kelly & Jonny to photograph their wedding in Tuscany. This shot is taken at the Italian residence where the main ceremony and reception took place, with amazing views over the hills.

Flags at sunset

In 2010 on a break in Řevnice, a small town just outside Prague, we took a trip to Karlštejn Castle, where the flags of the Czech Republic and the European Union fly together.

Il Duomo di Firenze

After a 3 day wedding where I took over 1500 photographs, I thought I’d take a break from being behind the lens. That was until I saw the sun popping out from behind this imposing structure.

Czech National Bank

This statue depicts a genius carrying a torch and a lion and symbolises progress and liberalisation of trade. Obviously.

Italian news

I saw this well-dressed Italian gentlemen when wandering around Lucca and couldn’t resist taking his photo.

Holkham stag

The estate of Holkham Hall in North Norfolk is home to herds of Fallow and Red Deer. This stag (or is it a buck), is a Fallow Deer.

Eagle owl

On a visit to Chester Zoo I was lucky enough that a) there was a falconry exhibit on and b) I had taken my telephoto lens with me.

Captive elephant

I’ve seen Elephants both in the wild and in captivity. In the wild it’s an awe-inspiring experience, at a Safari Park, it only feels sad.

Fort George

Just outside Ardersier in Scotland, the army fort is still used as a barracks today and is also one of the best places in the UK to spot dolphins.

Jack Peñate

This shot came a little later on in the gig, during a slower tempoed song. The lighting is just perfect for setting the mood.

Purple light

Jack Peñate was supported by Theophilus London, an amazing, energetic hip-hop artist from Brooklyn.

A wedding gift

Jonny gave Kelly an antique cameo brooch, which she incorporated it into her bouquet. This shot was taken in the amazing Villa Casagrande in Figline Valdarno.

Street view

This shot was an experiment. Taken directly on the pavement, I think the shallow depth of field makes it.

Mr Brownlow

I was invited to the dress rehearsal of Oliver! at Stoke’s Regent Theatre. This shot of the character Mr Brownlow, is one of my favourites due to the amount of negative space.

Portuguese villa

The Algarve is one of the hottest places I’ve visited. Makes sense that they should paint their buildings white.

Wedding dance

The reflective dance floor at this 1930s art deco venue helped make this shot of my friends’ wedding more interesting.

View from the top

San Gimignano is a medieval walled town in Italy which has fourteen towers of varying heights. This was the view from the top of the tallest one, Torre Grosso. It was a scary climb.